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In 2015, Inspired by Iceland introduced Guðmundur, the world’s first human search engine. Because, why would you ask a computer when you can ask a human?

A new feature, Guðmundur hangout, was later introduced. Because, why would you hang out through a computer, when you can hang out in real life? Guðmundur Hangouts gave ordinary people the opportunity to experience life in Iceland with Guðmundur. 


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Reykjanes Through a Lens

Keep your cameras ready as Gudmundur of Reykjanes takes you on a personal expedition to discover the wonders of Reykjanes, followed by a special dinner and a photo session at the world-famous Blue Lagoon. A picture-perfect adventure. 


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Icelandic Winter in the North

Journey ‘Beyond the Wall’ as Gudmundur of the North takes you on a tour of the legendary landmarks featured in the hit TV series Game of Thrones. Then enjoy a dip in the magical Nature baths in Mývatn surrounded by unearthly nature.

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Culinary Adventure in Reykjavík

Hang out with Gudmunda of Reykjavík as she takes you on a culinary voyage fit for a king. Each course will be cooked by one of Iceland’s finest chefs and served in a unique location that perfectly matches the meal.

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Active Adventure in the South

Take to the skies with Gudmunda of the South on a once-in-a-lifetime luxury adventure. Experience Iceland as only a very few get to see it as you soar high above the clouds to the top of a stunning glacier for an overnight stay.

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The Great Westfjords

Hang out with Gudmundur of the Westfjords as he explores one of Iceland’s hidden secrets. Indulge in good food and good music on the side with your outdoor adventures and discover a new side of Iceland.

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The Wholesome and Authentic East

Unwind with Gudmundur of the East and reconnect with yourself. Discover nature at its absolute purest before indulging in the finest, freshest, slow-cooked meal. Pure calm. Pure pleasure. 

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Historic adventure in the West

Join Gudmundur of the West on a thrilling, one-of-a-kind, historical Iceland adventure. Discover Iceland’s heroes and legends as you cruise the seas and feast like a Viking.

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Inspired by Iceland has partnered with leading tourism companies to help you plan your trip to Iceland. 

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Ask Guðmundur

The human search engine

More than 98% of the world's Guðmundur population lives in Iceland.

This May, we have asked some of our finest Guðmundurs to help you answer your most pressing questions about Iceland. The answer may not always be what you expect.

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