Meet Guðmundur

The Human Search Engine

This summer, we asked some of our very best Guðmundurs to answer your questions about Iceland. The result was better than anything we could have hoped for. That is why, this fall, Guðmundur - the Human Search Engine - will receive an update. Stay tuned. 

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- The 7 Guðmundurs - 

Guðmundur from the North

A passionate outdoor sportsman who enjoys skiing, fishing and… singing? Sounds like a Guðmundur from the North…

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Guðmundur from the West

Calling all food lovers: this Guðmundur loves all things food. A chef at Settlement Center restaurant, and also a keen follower of popular TV food shows…

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Guðmunda from Reykjavik

Interested in culture, photography, downtown sights and sounds of vibrant Reykjavik? Guðmunda is your go-to-Guðmunda…

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Guðmundur from Reykjanes

Mad about sports, Guðmundur will tell you every thing about the lively areas of Reykjanes. And how he does “grilled pizza”…

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Guðmundur from the Westfjords

When he’s not directing ships or musical notes you’ll find this Guðmundur lavishing untold affection on to the dishes he creates in his kitchen…

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Guðmundur from the East

An expert on all things eastern Icelandic and musically inclined, this Guðmundur has a love of the outdoors, food and despite his quiet nature: loves to tell a joke…

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Guðmunda from the South

An accomplished Icelandic national football player, Guðmunda once knocked England out of the Euro tournament. And she’s a rugged coastline expert…

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